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Copyright Policy

Our mission, in the publication of this site and its content is to share creative thought and inspiration to promote the continual evolution of art, literature and poetry. We encourage Socratic dialogue, discussion and and criticism by providing  commenting boxes as a avenue to expand our interpretation of the quoted material. Copyright definitions of ‘fair-use’ vary extensively in their direction and parameters. While it is in our intention to publish information that follows fair use guidelines and in a manner that supports awareness for the author, we respect proprietary disagreements and will without hesitation take down material that authors find used against their rights. Please contact us here to request content removal. 

All cited material is property of the respected citation and or their heirs. We do not own the quotes, for commercial publication you must contact the respected copyright owners. You may use these quotes in a manner that supports their creative integrity and which follows fair-use guidelines. I do not have the legal responsibility to advise you on how to interpret fair use, please use your best judgement and/or contact a qualified attorney or copyright owner.

Photographs published throughout the site come from a variety of sources; public domain and from our own personal collections. To determine whether or not you may use a photo posted on this site please contact us here.

Lastly, our copyright is intended to protect our own creative proprietorship over the categorization, layout, theme, top 25 lists and site design of content found on this site. To use any of the above without our consent is a violation of our copyright. You may certainly link and share excerpts from our pages, lists and categorization if you include a backlink to the original source.  What we are trying to prevent is the outright copy and paste of our content onto another site. Many hours of research, design and compilation have gone into our content and we wish to protect that.

Please enjoy our site, for any questions not covered here, please comment below and we’ll use the discussion box as a Q & A.


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