Hang up your coat, kick your feet up and stick around for a bit. We have been collecting quotes pretty much ever since we learned how to read, and it seemed selfish to horde them tucked away in journals. While there may be a plethora of sites dedicated towards quotes, they all seem to be focused on quantity over quality. We are focused on quality. Throughout the site you’ll encounter light blue text, this text is always clickable and will guide you to whatever topic was highlighted.

We are passionate about sharing wisdom and we’re well aware of the rampant misquoting infecting most sites dedicated to quotes. We’ve handpicked most of this material, and we’ve done our best to insure their accuracy. We also strive to include the source material. This site is under constant construction so please come back often and see what’s new. There are two overarching categories: inspirational and philosophical. The inspirational passages are action oriented, easy to digest and swallow. The philosophical passages are tougher, they may require some time to chew on, but they’ll challenge your fundamental values and perceptions.  Whatever you’re in the mood for, enjoy, we hope you find some ammunition for life!

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